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Kilby Block Party


An annual celebration called the Kilby Block Party occurs in the center of Vancouver’s famed Gastown neighborhood. Residents, businesses, and artists from the area come together for this community event to highlight the area’s rich cultural legacy. Over the years, the event has gained popularity and is currently attended by thousands of individuals from all around the city. 

In this article, we will discuss what the Kilby Party is and its history. Along with its highlights. We will also discuss some essential critical points so everyone can enjoy it easily. However, we will also deliver information on live music performances and food. Ultimately, a conclusion is also added. For further information, try to get it from the official site.

The History of Gaston

Among Vancouver’s historic districts, Gastown is named for “Gassy” Jack Deighton, a flamboyant figure who established the neighborhood’s first tavern in 1867. Due to its importance as a maritime and trading hub, the area experienced tremendous growth in the latter part of the nineteenth century. However, Gastown had become rundown and was in danger of being demolished by the middle of the 20th century. 

To save the area from being destroyed in the 1960s, an association of local citizens and business owners united and got it recognized as a National Historic Landmark in Canada. Gastown is a bustling neighborhood that combines historic elegance with contemporary conveniences.

A Brief History of the Kilby Block Party

The inaugural Kilby Block Party took place in 2015 to honor Gastown’s thriving and varied neighborhood. This Kilby Building, a local landmark constructed in 1907, inspired the festival’s name. Over the years, the event has gained popularity and is currently attended by thousands of people from all around the city.

What to Expect at the Kilby Block Party

On the final Saturday in July, various activities and festivities are held at the Kilby Block Party. Visitors may listen to live music performed by local bands, experience cuisine from a few of Gastown’s most fabulous eateries, and peruse local artisans’ artwork and handicrafts. In addition, there is a beer garden where attendees can unwind and mingle with neighbors and friends. A family-friendly gathering features kid-friendly activities, including face painting and balloon sculpture.

Supporting Local Businesses and Artists

Supporting the neighborhood businesses and creatives that contribute to making Gastown such a lively and distinctive area is one of the main objectives of the annual Kilby Block Party. The event supports the community’s economic and cultural life by presenting local artists’ work and enticing guests to visit their businesses. Many companies and artists participating in the celebration give back to the neighborhood by making charitable contributions and volunteering their time, strengthening ties among neighbors.

Highlights of Past Kilby Block Parties

For many years, the downtown Kilby Block Party served as a staple of the Gastown neighborhood and has witnessed some spectacular events. Ola Volo, a well-known artist whose vibrant and whimsical works are integral to the Vancouver environment, painted a live mural during the 2018 event. 

A fashion display including creations from regional fashion students was included in the celebration in 2019, highlighting the brilliance and originality of Vancouver’s next fashionistas. So in 2021, which was devastating, Kilby Block Party made a triumphant comeback after a break brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic. Now, in 2023, it’s still happening, and people are enjoying it.

Tips for Enjoying the Kilby Block Party

Here are some suggestions to help you get the most out of your time at the Kilby Block Party:

  • Get there early to beat the throng and secure an excellent place to take in the live acts and music.
  • You’ll get around most of the day, so wear comfortable shoes.
  • As certain businesses might not accept credit or debit cards, bring cash.
  • The Kilby, as mentioned above, Block Party provides a fantastic opportunity to experience some of the most incredible food in Gastown, so try some local fare and beverages.
  • Take many pictures and post them on social media, employing the hashtag #KilbyBlockParty.

Live Music and Performances

The live music and entertainment at Kilby Block Party are its key draws. The event has several stages where regional bands and performers perform. Various musical styles, including hip-hop, electronic, and rock parties, are one of its key draws. The event has several stages where regional bands and performers perform. 

Various musical styles, including hip-hop, electronic, rock, and folk, are all present during the event. Along with musical concerts, there are also dance performances, comedic acts, and other entertainment options.

Local Food and Drink

Foodies will enjoy the Kilby Block Party since some of Vancouver’s top regional foods will be served there—plenty for every palate, including gourmet truck meals and pop-up restaurants. Everything from authentic Canadian poutine to global street cuisine is available for visitors to experience. 

Various cool beverages are also available from nearby vineyards and breweries to go with the meal.

Art and Culture

The annual Kilby Block Party honors Gastown’s rich cultural legacy through various sculptures and cultural events. Visitors may browse the local studios and galleries to see the creations of both upcoming and well-established artists. 

Additionally, interactive installations let viewers participate in the art’s creation. Cultural events, including storytelling, traditional dance performances, and seminars, also examine the region’s lengthy past.

Family-Friendly Fun

Family-friendly activities and entertainment are available for children of all ages at the Kilby Block Party. There are bounce houses, face painters, and other enjoyable activities for more minor children, while older youngsters may participate in engaging activities and challenges. While their children are amused, parents may unwind and enjoy the live performances and refreshments.

Getting There and Admission for the Kilby Block Party

The Kilby Block Festival is hosted in the center of Gastown, and it is easy to get there by car, bike, or public transportation. Even though admission to the festival is free, some events and meals may cost. Customers are advised to carry cash because not all sellers may accept debit and credit card payments.

The Future of the Kilby Block Party

As its appeal grows, the Kilby Block Party’s organizers are exploring new and better methods to host the event. Some of the suggestions made include:

  • Expanding the number of performance spaces and stages to accommodate an enormous variety of musical and dance genres
  • presenting a “makers’ market” with handcrafted items manufactured by regional craftspeople.
  • Increasing the number of participatory, interactive art installations
  • Establishing a designated children’s space with games and activities for children of all ages

The Importance of Community Celebrations

Community gatherings such as this Kilby Block Party are crucial for building a sense of identity and connection among residents. They allow individuals to congregate and enjoy their shared passions, customs, and cultural heritage. These occasions contribute to developing the neighborhood economy and promoting the creative industries by promoting regional companies and artists. Community events ultimately create a more alive, resilient, and inclusive society.


What’s the location for the Kilby Block Party?

The Kilby Block Party is held in the historic neighborhood of Gastown in Vancouver.

What’s new in 2023?

Kilby Block Party 2023 will also feature performances by Pixies, Run These Jewels, Japanese Breakfast, These Backseat Lovers, Hippo Campus, The Walkmen, Caroline Polachek, Parquet Courts, Momma, Osees, and Faye Webster, among other artists.

When is the Kilby Block Party’s beginning and end?

The Kilby Block Party’s beginning and ending times may change from one year to the next. Visiting the event’s official website and social media pages is recommended for the most recent news and information.

Does their Kilby Block Party allow children?

The Kilby Block Party does indeed cater to families, providing a variety of games and entertainment for children of all ages.

Will there be a charge for entry to the Kilby Block Party?

No, admission to the Kilby Block Festival is free. However, some services, like meals, could require payment.

Can I bring food and beverages with me during the Kilby Block Party?

This Kilby Block Party often does not accept outside food or beverages. However, there are going to be a large number of regional food and beverage sellers present.

Is parking accessible close to the Kilby Block Party?

Around the Kilby Block Party, there are several paid parking lots. Public transportation is accessible, as is biking.

Which musical genres might I anticipate while attending the Kilby Block Party?

This Kilby Block Party offers diverse musical styles, from rock and folklore to hip-hop and techno music.

Can animals be brought to the Kilby Block Party?

Except for assistance animals, pets usually are not permitted when attending the Kilby Block Party.

Is it worth it to visit the Kilby block party?

The Kilby Block Festival is unquestionably worthwhile to attend. With live music, regional cuisine and beverages, and a lively ambiance that highlights the finest aspects of Vancouver’s arts and cultural sector, it provides a distinctive and exciting experience.

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Kilby Party


The Kilby Block Party is an annual celebration in Vancouver’s Gastown neighbourhood to highlight the area’s rich cultural legacy. It was founded in 2015 to honor Gastown’s thriving and varied neighbourhood and is now attended by thousands of people from all around the city. Activities and festivities include live music, cuisine, and local artisans’ artwork and handicrafts. The event also supports local businesses and artists by presenting their work and enticing guests to visit their businesses. Visitors can browse local studios and galleries, participate in cultural events, and enjoy family-friendly activities and entertainment.

Admission is free, but some events and meals may have a cost. The organizers are exploring new methods to host the event, such as expanding the number of performance spaces and stages, presenting a “makers’ market”, increasing the number of participatory art installations, and setting up a designated children’s area.

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